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Your bathroom is your safe space. It’s the one room in the house you can “escape” to. So why haven’t more people taken the opportunity to make that ‘safe space’ a magnificent one? Most homeowners look at remodeling as a struggle in which they are responsible for it’s completion. However, DESIGNfirst Builders approach allows the client to fully embrace a process that give them peace of mind, and no ‘dirty hands’. The biggest hurdle is setting up a consultation… but with our ‘Free In-home consultation, we took care of that excuse.

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association today’s remodels are trending toward simplicity. Home-owners want that clean, more contemporary look and feel, all while keeping a sense of comfort and coziness. Home-owners look for a fusion of styles, both rustic and modern in feel. It can be a touch mix, but with the right designers, it can turn out better than excepted.

Typically bathrooms lend themselves to be more white; white materials giving the sense of cleanliness of course, but that trend is shifting to darker cabinets and more metal. We here at DESIGNfirst have seen first hand the shift happening. It’s excited to see clients explore the possibilities of stepping outside of the ‘norm’, so to speak.

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