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Creating a Home Office? Consider These 3 Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled an increasing number of individuals to work from home. If you count yourself among them, the stress of trying to work productively in the middle of a bustling household may have tempted you to add a new space to your home, one dedicated solely to office work.


Whether you aim to build an office onto your home or you’d rather remodel an existing room, you’ll want to make sure you’ve spent that time, money, and energy on the creation of a space that will promote mental focus, productivity, efficiency, and workplace wellness. Start with these three key considerations.

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Should You Build a Full or Partial Second Story?

Do you want to add a second story to your home? This can be one of the most fulfilling of all home additions, giving your existing house up to twice its square footage in one fell swoop. But you aren’t limited to one type of second-floor addition. Homeowners can choose either a full second story or just a partial one.


What are the advantages and disadvantages of each type? Learn what you need to know.


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Signs You Need a Kitchen Remodel

You likely spend considerable time in your kitchen cooking, entertaining, or hanging out. As such, your kitchen should be warm, inviting, and functional to accommodate all these roles.

If it is not, remodeling is an excellent option to make your kitchen modern and stylish while increasing its appeal and functionality. Learn seven signs you need to remodel your kitchen.

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6 Kitchen Changes That Bring Cooks and Their Guests Together

Do you like to entertain large groups at home? Then you know that your kitchen is a central part of the action for everyone. Whether it’s a base for multiple people to prepare large meals or an unofficial gathering point for guests and hosts alike, a well-planned kitchen can bring everyone together for more fun.

But how can you ensure your kitchen can handle an expanded role during large parties? Here are six things you might consider adding.

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3 Trends to Consider When Adding a Home Addition

You may want to avoid spending money on fads (short-lived trends that won’t pay off long-term) during a remodel, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid trends completely. Some trendy upgrades may be useful for your family’s lifestyle, may save you money over the years, or may even improve your home’s value long-term if the trend continues to grow.


Here are a few of the trends you can consider working into your next home addition remodel.


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