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3 Trends to Consider When Adding a Home Addition

You may want to avoid spending money on fads (short-lived trends that won’t pay off long-term) during a remodel, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid trends completely. Some trendy upgrades may be useful for your family’s lifestyle, may save you money over the years, or may even improve your home’s value long-term if the trend continues to grow.


Here are a few of the trends you can consider working into your next home addition remodel.


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4 Tips for Small Kitchen Design

If your home is equipped with a small kitchen, it may be difficult for multiple people to perform tasks in it without bumping into each other, and you may feel claustrophobic when spending long periods of time in it.


While some homeowners with small kitchens choose to expand their kitchen space to eliminate these problems, you can make your kitchen feel larger and improve its functionality without expanding it by making just a few small changes to its design.

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Smart Home Remodeling Can Improve Accessibility for Seniors

If your home wasn’t originally designed with senior accessibility in mind, a remodel can be the perfect opportunity to add accessibility features like hand rails and wheelchair ramps. Smart home features can also add accessibility, so whether you have an older relative moving in or are just preparing to age in place, consider adding smart features to your remodeling plans.

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