Here are seven inspired ideas that will help you open up your kitchen and make it a more pleasant working space.
  • Combining
    Less clutter equals more room! Have your stove top and oven in the same area, and your microwave built into your cabinetry. Keeping things together, will expand the space.
  • Sleekness
    Updated appliances can do a great job at condensing space creating more room for your kitchen. Take this accessible pull out cabinetry to conduct more storage for your appliances.
  • Slender Furniture
    Slender Furniture
    Bar stools seem to be the best choice to make your kitchen seem bigger. Products made from lightweight materials can make your kitchen seem more open.
  • Glass Cabinertry
    Glass Cabinertry
    Frosted, clear, or ribbed glass can open more space to your kitchen, which makes it look bigger!
  • Declutter
    Simplicity is key. Don't over clutter your kitchen with knick-knacks. Of course adding your personal touch to your kitchen is ideal, but don't overdo it. Keep counter space free to open up your kitchen.
  • Colors
    Color can make a good difference in the appearance of size for your kitchen. As a tip, you can install light-colored cabinetry and appliances. The lighter tones can make kitchens seem more open and friendlier. You can also choose a low contrast color scheme. This puts together your kitchen, making it seem more open.
  • Natural Lighting
    Natural Lighting
    Allow natural lighting into your kitchen. Windows can make the outdoors an extension of the kitchen, also giving the illusion that your surroundings are brighter and more open.