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Home Improvements to Consider When the Kids Go to College

Home improvementsThe first days of having an empty nest can be a challenge, but it doesn’t take long to discover your home is now open to a world of new opportunities, and those home improvements you’ve been holding off. Does the game room need more of an ‘adult update’? Should old bedrooms become more modern guest rooms?

Consider that, when your kids come home, they do so as adults and eventually with partners in tow. Here’s a look at a few things to consider after children fly the coop and ways you can reclaim your space as your own.

New Use of Space

An empty bedroom leaves a whole list of possibilities. It could finally be that office space you’ve always dreamed of, an art studio, or a workout room. You could design it in such a way that it works both as a guest room and as a work room. For instance, a Murphy bed or a pull-out sofa means there’s always a place to sleep, but there’s also plenty of room for a paint easel, rolltop desk, or an elliptical machine.

Now We Can Have Nice Things

Often, when kids are the center of the household, parents put off upgrades because those guys can do serious damage in a brief amount of time. Functional pieces that are easy to clean are crucial when kids are little (or even when they’re teens), but once they’ve moved on, you can treat your home like the investment that it is and begin the process updating your home with modern pieces that showcase beauty with function. Glass countertops? Let’s do it. New cabinetry? We’ll help you design it. The possibilities are endless. It also increases the value of your home.

Keep Accessibility in Mind

If you plan on staying in your home, you may need to consider upgrades that will be helpful to your future. For instance, wider doorways allow for easy access from room to room. Grab bars installed in the bathroom are never a bad idea. And, more lighting options with dimmer switches help you adjust the lighting to the perfect level.

Whether you’ve decided on the perfect plan of action or need some inspiration and tips, we are here to help. Our team of design experts can help you create the perfect use for your new space, and check off some of those home improvements.

Bedroom updates, kitchen remodels, and bathroom renovations can take your home to the next level – you don’t even have to wait until the kids are gone!

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