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What to Do When Your Room’s Design Isn’t Working

Updating the room design of a basementSometimes you have a vision for a space, but the design just isn’t turning out the way you’d like it to. You might feel like there’s something missing, but you’re unsure of what to do. If you’re currently struggling with this problem, there are steps you can take for when a room is missing something.

Check Back With Your Original Inspiration

If you’re basing your space based off an inspiration photo, it might help to check it again to see what might be missing in the design. It could be the color palette or maybe you forgot to add a certain element that brings the room together. Stepping back and comparing your space with the original inspiration will help you determine what’s missing or needs changing.

Less Is Sometimes More

When we’re designing a room, sometimes we might keep adding items because there are so many gorgeous interior decorations out there. But, once it makes its way into your space, it might be too much for the room and overtake the design. Taking out elements from your room, such as curtains, wall art, or furniture, might help you realize what was off about the room.

Add Something Unexpected or Meaningful

Maybe the reason why your room isn’t just right is because you’re playing too safe. Sometimes choosing an unexpected piece is what will tie the space together and make it feel unique.

On the other hand, if you’re a sentimental person, it could be that the room doesn’t have a personal touch to make it feel homey. Add in family photos or your favorite memories in the form of pictures or keepsakes to add some warmth to the room.

Work With the design You Have

If you’ve purged the room and added all new furniture and items, it might feel strange or too new. Updating what you already own or adding pieces you already have will make it feel more familiar and comfortable.

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