4 Basement Family Room Upgrades

If you finish your basement, you can add up to double the amount of space you had to begin with. You might already have a finished basement, but perhaps it doesn’t fit your current needs. Either way, a basement is a good space for a family room. You can relax in a cozy space that doesn’t necessarily need to be picked up when company comes over.

That said, you want a useful and attractive space in which to spend family time. Keep reading for some areas where you can splurge on your basement family room.

1. Built-In Shelving

Basements often feature awkwardly shaped spaces. That can prevent standard shelving from fitting properly. Yet the basement is a prime spot for storage, so you don’t want to eschew shelving altogether. A good solution is to have built-in shelving installed.

Your contractors can work with any space available and devise appropriate shelving or cabinetry. Don’t be afraid to splurge on extra shelving. Your family room will look cluttered from all of the items associated with that room as well as storage from the rest of the house.

Concerning the materials and design, consider getting a little creative. With your upstairs, you often have to adhere to a specific décor style. In a basement family room, you could experiment with different configurations or even have sliding shelves installed so you can access a storage space behind it.

2. Media Center

The purpose of many family rooms is to enjoy entertainment. Said entertainment is usually based on the television, whether it’s for watching or gaming. Again, you could erect a standalone media center. However, a remodel or finishing allows you to customize your experience.

First off, you need a space large enough for your television. Don’t just fit your existing TV — leave space in case you decide to upgrade sizes later. Devise the cubby so you can hide the wires for the TV and anything that will be attached to it, such as a cable box or gaming console. If you plan to hide your TV behind a door, make sure it’s properly vented.

Around the TV cubby you want shelving for any movies or games. If you don’t want them in sight, have the contractors add doors. Leave some shelves free for décor items, though. Make sure the lighting in that area is dimmable.

3. Fireplace

Another common focal point for a family room is a fireplace. It can be a source of heat and light. However, it’s also just a cozy design addition.

The fireplace can help drive the décor of the room. You’ll most likely have a gas fireplace, so you have a lot of options in the design. The firebox can be the traditional square, or you can look at some of the elongated shapes for a modern appeal. You also have options for the insert. For instance, you may prefer fire glass to faux wood logs.

The surround is another area for design. Stone, brick, and tile veneers are traditional. However, both stone and tile can take on a contemporary appearance. For instance, you could have a black tile or stone veneer installed.

4. Wet Bar

Having to go upstairs to fetch a drink or a snack will be a hassle. You don’t need a full kitchen in your basement family room. However, consider adding a wet bar.

In fact, a wet bar can take on different forms. If you’re a family with young kids, it may look more like a snack station. You can have shelves for the snacks and a refrigerator for drinks. The rest of the bar itself may be a simple area for dispensing the food and drinks.

A full wet bar can turn your family room into a more sophisticated getaway, though. You might add shelves for liquor bottles and racks for your stemware. You might even incorporate a wine refrigerator. If you’ll be mixing drinks, consider a small countertop space and even a sink for easy cleanup.

Transform your basement family room with the above splurges. When you’re ready to tackle your remodel or finishing project, contact DesignFirst today.

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