4 Details That Will Make Your Remodel Wow-Worthy

However, the devil is in the details. Attention to the details can take your remodel from beautiful to spectacular. Below are five details that will give a house remodel wow factor.

1. Staircase Railings

Multi-story houses typically have a staircase that starts in the foyer. Such a staircase represents an opportunity to create a feeling of grandeur that greets guests when they first arrive. Contractors usually don’t have so much leeway with the stairs themselves. However, the balusters and balustrades that make up the railing affords them a lot of design ability.

The railings can convey the décor style you want in your foyer. If you live in an historical house, you may choose ornate wood railings. However, a modern material such as glass in place of the balusters topped by a sleek handrail will signal to visitors that yours is a modern home. Don’t settle for plain railings — use them as an opportunity to set the stage for guests’ visits.

2. Window Trim

An area that’s less prominent is the frame around your windows. When you have windows replaced, you have the choice of keeping the original casing or choosing new ones. Unless your existing casings are singular, consider replacing them during your project.

Frames come in four basic types. One style is the low-profile casing, which is a simple flat frame that finishes the window but doesn’t add anything architecturally. This style is ideal for contemporary homes. A high-profile casing features layers of trim. It’s appropriate for traditional style homes because of its ornateness.

A modern casing is similar to a low-profile casing in that it doesn’t draw attention to itself. With modern casings, you’ll choose a material that blends seamlessly with the rest of the window. This method is ideal if you want the glass of the window to be the focal point.

Traditional casings fall somewhere between modern and high-profile. They have some trim, but they lay flat against the wall.

3. Kitchen Hardware

Another subtle area to attend to is the kitchen hardware. Homebuilders often leave hardware off so you can choose your own. If they install it at all, it’s usually stock hardware, which is not very inspirational. As with the staircase railing, you have the chance to make a design statement with your kitchen hardware.

The most visible kitchen hardware is the pulls. You can choose from many different styles. Try to stick within your décor style, though. For instance, crystal cabinet knobs would complement old-world kitchen styles. Sleek bars would look at home in a modern kitchen. You can also choose whimsical pulls, such as those upcycled out of flatware.

When you’re choosing your pulls, do keep in mind the other finishes in the rest of the kitchen. The pulls shouldn’t be in a completely different finish as other fixtures. Not all of the finishes have to match exactly. However, different finishes should repeat throughout the kitchen.

4. Cabinet Tops

One of the most awkward spaces in the kitchen is the area above the cabinets. During your remodel, you have the chance to make that space more planned. For instance, you may choose to have additional cabinets installed to fill in that space.

You have some other choices, too. For one, you could have transom windows installed which will let in more light. Another option is to install a material not used elsewhere in the kitchen, such as brick. Whatever you place in front of the brick will stand out. Indeed, consider ambient lighting above your cabinets to highlight your displays.

Pay attention to the above details, and you’ll have a wow-worthy remodel job. When you’re ready to undertake your project, contact DESIGNFirst Builders.

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