4 Remodel Options Ideal for Game Rooms

Gaming has changed dramatically in the last decade as gamers seek out old classics, next-generation consoles, and interactive gaming options. If you want a dedicated gaming space in your home, consider a room remodel for your home.

A game room can have all kinds of remodel designs that will cater directly to overall gaming experience. Check out the options and learn about the most ideal options for your gaming space.

1. Outlet Upgrades

With multiple consoles and ways to play, consider upgrading the outlets for a gaming room. If you spread out outlets across the room, then you will have options for multiple television and console setups.

Also consider the installation of floor outlets, ideal for any arcade cabinets or pinball machines you install in the room. With floor outlets, you have more diversity in where you place various arcade machines. As retro-styled arcades make a comeback, you can set up the room to fit the most arcades without taking up all the current outlet space.

Along with standard outlets, a remodeling company can install USB outlets. The smaller outlets are ideal for charging devices like controllers, tablets, phones, and gaming headsets. You will not have to waste outlet space with the smaller devices or constantly have to switch out plugs.

2. Wall Upgrades

The outlets are an important element of the wall, but you may consider other wall upgrades as well. If you like loud gaming, you can help contain the sound with the installation of sound-proofing panels. The wall insulation you choose will also help block out sounds. For example, acoustic foam will block out sounds through walls.

If you are into VR gaming, consider adding padded walls to the room. The extra cushion will naturally help block sounds and provides extra safety while you wear a headset and move freely around the room.

Save space in the room with the installation of built-in shelves. The shelves are ideal for holding games, game accessories, and extra consoles. With the built-in shelves you do not need to put in extra bookcases and will save floor space for furniture options.

3. Window and Lighting Options

Natural light is ideal for any room, but sunlight can create some problematic glares on your television. If you have windows or add windows to a gaming room, consider the installation of automatic blackout shades. With the push of a button you can easily block out the sunlight and enjoy gaming without the distraction of light.

Choose recessed lighting for the game room. The lights sit level with the ceiling and do not hang down. The main benefit of recessed lighting comes with interactive games you play. As you swing and move around, you do not want to worry about smashing into a light bulb or fixture.

Recessed lighting can also come with light dimming options to set your ideal lighting while you play games.

4. Media Closet Installation

With multiple consoles, cable boxes, and surround sound, you may have a lot of media and devices. Add a media closet to the game room for organization and safe keeping. A media closet would feature all the connections needed for systems and shelves to organize the items.

The closet would also feature an exhaust fan to keep the technology cool. In the game room itself, you will reduce cord clutter, easily organize your devices, and have more room for seating. If you wall mount your television, the media closet will store all the other items and provide you with a dedicated space for your games.

You can make your game room vision become a reality with DESIGNfirst Builders. We will help plan your complete game room remodel from start to finish.

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