4 Room Remodel Upgrades for Children Transitioning Into Teens

As a child ages into their teenage years, they will go through many changes. The room they currently have may not be best suited for their growth, maturity, and lifestyle changes. Along with a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture, you can completely transform a child’s room with a remodel.

Consider four different upgrades to make the room more functional for a teen and give them a place to call their own as they foster independence, seek out privacy, and enjoy the high school years with a comfortable bedroom space.

1. Walk-In Closet

Not only does a child have larger clothes as they grow into their teen years, but teens often want to purchase more clothes as they develop a sense of style. Avoid the classic heap of clothes in the corner of a teen’s room with the installation of a walk-in closet.

A closet adds a lot of space for a teen to organize clothes, place items on hangers, or use open shelves for folded laundry. If a teen plays in sports leagues, a closet is an ideal location to keep uniforms and accessories organized in an easy-to-access location. You can also have specific areas to organize shoes, boots, cleats, and other footwear accessories.

2. Room Addition

The square footage in a child’s room may not be enough for a growing teen. With room addition remodels, you have multiple ways to expand a child’s room. If the room is located on the ground level of a home, then you can expand the room itself and keep everything enclosed.

An expanded room option gives a teen more space to put extra pieces of furniture, mount a television, and create a relaxing environment to hang out in. You also have the option to expand the room with direct access to an outdoor space.

For example, on a lower level, you can add a covered sunroom that expands directly from the teen’s room using a glass slider door. A sunroom could include extra seating or even exercise equipment.

If the room is located on the second floor, then you can expand the area with a balcony or raised deck. The extra outdoor space gives the teen some ways to enjoy natural sunlight so they are not just cooped up in an enclosed room all day. The extra space also provides an ideal hangout space for a teen and their friends.

3. Built-In Shelves

As teens develop, they grow a sense of style and their interests grow. One way to keep items organized is through built-in shelves. Shelves can be used to showcase collectibles, decorations, books, movies, and small electronics. During a remodel, contractors can install outlets on the inside of the shelves to create charging stations for the teens.

Shelves could also feature accent lighting to illuminate the area and provide a nice visual for the room. Built-in shelves give a teen an open area to decorate how they choose. As a child, they may have had dressers or toy bins to organize items. Built-in shelves create a more visual display that fosters independence.

4. Office Nook

A teen who starts high school will often have a big increase in homework and studying. Create a relaxing and private study location with an office nook installation. An office nook may expand the space of the room, create a built-in desk area, and supply a separate space from the rest of the room.

An office nook may include the installation of recessed lighting to have clear visuals while a teen writes, types, or reads. Additional outlet installations provide extra space for phone chargers, laptops, desk lamps, and other items. You may also want a window installed near an office nook area to provide additional natural light.

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