4 Unique Built-In Remodels to Keep Homes Organized

Built-in cabinets and shelves help save a lot of space in your home while offering ample opportunities to organize items. As you consider remodels for your home, contractors can find ways to make the most out of your space, including built-in cabinet options for nearly every room of the home.

Follow the guide to check out some unique built-in options. You can use the designs directly or find inspiration from the designs to brainstorm your own ideas.

1. Door Frame Built-Ins

The door frames around your home offer ample opportunity to add built-in shelves for your home. From floor to ceiling, shelving can line the border around a room frame, and the design options really allow you to add a decoration style to the room.

For example, you could line the shelves with books and create a cozy and organized library section of the room. You could add a collection of items to the shelves. If you collect mugs, you could fill the space with your whole mug collection.

If someone collects toys and action figures, the shelves make a great display area and an ideal option for a kid’s bedroom entry. If you want more protection on the shelves, glass cabinet doors add the extra layer of protection while still providing you with visuals of the items on display.

2. Entryway Built-Ins

Add a functional and useful entryway built-in to the foyer of your home. The built-in can include several elements to help when you enter or exit the home. For example, a built-in open closet space can provide hangers ideal for umbrellas, jackets, scarves, and other outdoor accessories.

A built-in bench offers an easy location to put on and take off shoes. A small rack near the bottom of the built-in will offer space to store shoes, boots, and sandals. Built-in cubby holes are an ideal option for children. Children can use the cubby holes to hold backpacks and hats among other items.

3. Pantry Built-Ins

Kitchen organization goes a long way in helping you with food organization and de-cluttering. If your kitchen does not have a dedicated pantry area, then consider the installation of a pantry built-in. The built-in saves space and gives your kitchen a clean-cut look. Pantry shelves slide into a wall space and remain covered up when not in use.

When you pull the pantry doors out, you can access shelves of items on both sides. The shelving is ideal for canned goods, spices, and small boxes of food like macaroni and cheese. Smooth rollers allow the pantry shelves to pull out smoothly and will become an everyday part of your kitchen use.

Depending on the size of the built-in, you may consider the installation of two built-in shelves. Then separate items by type. For example, you could have a whole shelf feature spices while another one features canned goods.

4. Staircase Built-Ins

Take advantage of the open space underneath a staircase to add in some built-in storage options. With staircase storage, you have the option for both open and closed storage. With open storage, you can use the space for home media or turn the area into seasonal decoration options.

For example, around the winter holidays, you could set up Christmas decorations like small Santa figurines and snow globes. Covered storage is ideal for items you may not use on an everyday basis. You could keep your board game collection inside the built-in cabinets.

Keep extra blankets and throw pillows inside the space. When you want to stay comfortable on a couch, the blankets provide extra warmth. The built-in installation could include a single shelf, or a remodeling contractor can break the design down to include several smaller shelves.

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