5 Trendy Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

The stay-at-home orders to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyles of many people. One study has found out that more people took up cooking to fill the extra time they had in the house. With more time spent in the kitchen, you may have found that you need to spruce up this space to add functionality, style, and comfort.

You can leverage trends in kitchen remodels to revolutionize this important space. Here are some ideas with a long-lasting positive impact on your kitchen.

1. Luxurious Marble

Marble is a hot trend in kitchen remodels as it gives a dash of distinct luxury. The best thing about marble is its durability and versatility in application and design.

From countertops and kitchen islands to sinks, you can do so much with marble. If you want a transformative effect from your kitchen remodel, talk to your interior designer on how to harness the beauty, functionality, and versatility of marble.

2. Smart Kitchen Trend

Home automation technology makes your home safer, more energy-efficient, and more comfortable. For your kitchen remodel, you can integrate smart features such as smart appliances (microwave, fridge, dishwasher, etc.), hi-tech taps, and lighting. New smart home technologies continue to emerge, and a good interior designer will help you find the best ideas for your kitchen.

3. Wood Finish

Wood finish had lost its mojo in the kitchen setup, but it is now enjoying a revival. If you want to give your kitchen a warm, natural, classic look, choose a wood finish for the cabinets, floors, countertops, and other surfaces.

Wood is part of a new organic aesthetic style that relies on the look of nature-inspired materials. For an added touch of warmth, go for subtle-grained wood, which is pale compared to darker hardwoods.

4. Double Island

With more people in the kitchen area, you need to create a more functional and comfortable space. A kitchen island is a perfect addition to accommodate more people. For the best impact, go one step further and install a double island. The addition revolutionizes the otherwise empty space into the focal point of your kitchen.

You have space for your family to sit and relax comfortably without feeling crowded. A double island is a smart tactic to make everyone comfortable. What’s more, this feature adds an instant touch of elegance to your kitchen, especially if it blends with the rest of the décor.

5. Outdoor-Oriented Trend

The global pandemic made homeowners appreciate the outdoors more during and after the restrictive lockdowns. Homeowners, interior designers, and builders now look for ways to bring the outdoors closer to the indoors. For your kitchen remodel, create a connection with the outdoors through these additions:

  • Larger door (sliding doors, glass-paned barn doors, or French doors)
  • Folding window
  • Door or window awning
  • Outdoor bar
  • Galley kitchen
  • Alfresco dining space

An outdoor connection adds to the aesthetics, allows free airflow for improved indoor air quality, and makes your kitchen more welcoming.

A kitchen remodel boosts the value of your home, improves productivity in the kitchen space, enhances energy efficiency, and creates safer indoor space. Whatever the motivation for your remodel, use a qualified contractor for the job. The expert guides you through the process of design, planning, material procurement, license applications, and construction.

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