6 Kitchen Changes That Bring Cooks and Their Guests Together

Do you like to entertain large groups at home? Then you know that your kitchen is a central part of the action for everyone. Whether it’s a base for multiple people to prepare large meals or an unofficial gathering point for guests and hosts alike, a well-planned kitchen can bring everyone together for more fun.

But how can you ensure your kitchen can handle an expanded role during large parties? Here are six things you might consider adding.

1. Open Floor Layouts

Open floor plans get rid of barriers between rooms, opening up the public spaces of the home into one large room with different zones. The kitchen is a great place to make this change because many kitchens are constructed in a way that is closed-off from guests.

Knocking down one or two walls means your kitchen becomes part of the action wherever guests mingle. It also gives hosts more flexibility for setup and meal prep needs for different size groups and different types of parties.

2. Kitchen Seating

Bring guests into the kitchen by adding more kitchen area seating. This could be as simple as an island or a peninsula with bar stool seating. Or add space for a kitchen table — a small, breakfast-area size table set right in the middle of the action — where guests can sit and enjoy the cook’s company while the meal is being prepared.

3. Duplicate Fixtures

A large kitchen may have room for more than one of many common fixtures and appliances.

Add a secondary sink, for instance, so that people can prepare food while at the same time cleaning up in another sink. You might even make one of these sinks into a bar sink where you can enjoy making cocktails with your guests. Depending on your needs, you may find decide to add more stove burners, a separate freezer and refrigerator, a dedicated wine cooler, or a second dishwasher.

4. Wider Pathways

Avoid using the minimum space requirements for walkways and work zones. While these may allow you to squeeze more cabinets or appliances into a smaller area, they will make it difficult and uncomfortable to have more than one person in the kitchen at a time. Instead, leave ample walking space on all four sides of the island, in front of all work zones, and around entries and exits.

5. Self-Service Stations

Kitchen stations encourage people to come and go from the kitchen on their own time. Many hosts like to add a coffee station or a beverage station (that may or may not double as a self-serve bar), but the type of station depends on your style of entertainment. Place these stations just inside the kitchen near the entrance so people won’t feel that they are intruding on the meal prep being done.

6. Modern Technology

Modern technology helps both the cooks and their guests enjoy the kitchen more. Add charging stations to the island or peninsula. Install a high-quality, integrated sound system and television to bring the big game into the kitchen on Super Bowl Sunday. And don’t forget tech-based appliances keep everything warm or cold for guests to serve themselves throughout the party.

Where to Learn More

Could some or all of these kitchen additions help your parties be better than ever for everyone? By encouraging guests to mingle in the kitchen and getting the cooks in on the action, your entertainment will take on a new dimension.

Start by learning more about integrating these ideas in your plans. DESIGNfirst Builders can help. We will help you bring new and exciting entertaining ideas into your kitchen. Call today to make an appointment.

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