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It’s dingy, damp, and you causes you to run when someone turns the lights off; but your Basement is a potential gold mine when it comes to improving your property!

According to an article written by houselogic, most basements can offer a high return on your investment; nearly 69% of its cost, as well as add valuable and usable space to your home. Here in Chicago-land, especially in the city, lots are tight. Building out or even up isn’t always a viable solution. So; why not focus on what you have under those feet?

Remodeling your basement can range greatly in price, depending on what you want to add to the space. With DESIGNfirst, a typical bare-bones basement may run you close to $35,000; but add in all the things that will truly make a basement great and the cost climbs appropriately. Many of our clients need more living space, but also additional bathrooms as well as sleeping areas.

The good news is, DESIGNfirst is completely transparent with our pricing. We have no problem showing you line item cost for the project at hand, as well as details as to how we’ll get it done. Considering your return is often close to 70% of your investment at completion; the project basically pays for itself, given it’s designed appropriately of course. How can it be so high you ask? Much of the return comes from the idea that the scope is much more limited than it is dealing with property lines, setbacks and new construction. Many of the structural components are already built for you; therefore you won’t have to worry about increased costs.

Remember, not all lower levels are created equal, and some limitations apply based on zoning, head height space, light and vent, etc. We at DESIGNfirst take all those limitations into consideration when we design your space!

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