Countertop Design Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Stunning designs and trends can transform your kitchen into a chic space and your home’s focal point. If you want to renovate your kitchen countertops, you’ll be glad to see all the available options in the market. Explore some of the winning countertop trends below.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz countertops are glossy, easy-to-clean options that are incredibly popular with modern homeowners. Previously, homeowners couldn’t get enough of granite countertops, but the numerous benefits of quartz have made it an attractive alternative. Unlike granite, quartz is an engineered material that’s less likely to crack.

The unlimited colors available with quartz countertops are among the reasons they’re prevalent. As a result, you can customize the countertops to your kitchen space. Further, quartz is non-porous, and a quick wipe clears any cooking oils and wine spills. However, place hot pans on a trivet as high heat can damage quartz countertops.

Honed Granite Countertops

Homeowners recognize granite countertops for their highly polished sheen that lend to a classy, sophisticated look. However, if you want a more natural or casual appearance, check out honed granite countertops.

To make these countertops, manufacturers wrap up the polishing process before buffing to create a matte finish. There are different kinds of finishes, including velvet and satin. While you can buy honed granite countertops in various colors, off-whites, grays, and black are the most common. However, you need to reseal these countertops every few months.

Veined Countertops

Countertops with character can add dramatic effects to your kitchen. Fortunately, manufactures are adding interesting patterns in materials like quartz to mimic the properties of natural stone. Pick contrasting hardware to make the patterns stand out. For example, black veining on a white stone complements black cabinets and other hardware.

Butcher Block Countertops

Butcher blocks add warmth and a rustic appeal to any kitchen. However, you need to maintain these wood countertops properly to ensure they last a long time. The major advantage of butcher blocks is the choice between various wood materials, such as walnut, oak, and maple.

Although you can use these countertops as a cutting surface, they’re susceptible to scratches and stains. However, you can sand and re-oil the surface to restore its charm. Also, apply a food-safe oil every few weeks to maintain the finish on the countertops.

Colored Countertops

White and gray countertops have long been popular with kitchen countertops, but you can venture into bolder colors to stand out. For example, matte black countertops with white patterns against colorful backsplashes create stunning contrasts.

Similarly, green countertops against wooden or brightly-colored cabinets make a beautiful statement. Shades of blue also make for outstanding countertops, especially if you pair them with colorful cabinetry or backsplashes.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete countertops provide an industrial aesthetic for homeowners interested in unique kitchen centerpieces. The material offers excellent creative potential as contractors can mold it to suit your preferences.

In addition, you can pick a custom edge profile, add embeds, and choose unique colors. Also, the available textures and finishes complement various aesthetics, including rustic, traditional, and industrial. However, you need to seal it often to prevent staining.

Marble-like Quartz Countertops

Natural stone is sleek and stunning, but it needs a lot of upkeep and can stretch your remodeling budget. Fortunately, quartz manufacturers have become great at mimicking granite. Thus, you can get affordable marble-like countertops with realistic patterns and colors that require less upkeep.

The countertop is an integral part of your kitchen’s décor. Thus, you should only trust an expert remodeling team to breathe life into your ideas. Contact DesignFirst Builders to explore all the design trends that suit your style.

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