Elevate Your Master Bedroom by Designing a True Master Suite

A reimagined master bedroom suite is one of the most popular home remodels for modern owners. Whether or not your master bedroom already has an attached bathroom, it may not feel like a true master suite. How can you change that? Learn what you need to know.

What Elevates a Master Suite?

The idea of a master bedroom can become muddled in its actual execution. Many master bedrooms are really only the largest bedroom in the home rather than being something unique. And a master bedroom with any size attached bathroom can usually be called a suite.

While these terms are correct, they often miss the point of the master bedroom and master suite. This space should be a haven within the haven of your home. It should feel private and luxurious, comforting and peaceful. It should fit your personality and include features you use regularly, like a work desk or a gym. In short, it should be a place you want to spend more time in for many reasons.

How Can You Elevate Your Master Suite’s Bathroom?

The master suite’s bathroom can do a lot to take it to the next level. First, make sure you have a master bathroom in the first place. Any bedroom that shares a bath with the rest of the family will never feel truly set apart. A dedicated en suite bathroom also increases the financial value of the home — perhaps by as much as 20%. So this should be a priority remodel.

Second, don’t forget the impact of boosting the bathroom’s size or logic. A cramped bathroom is often neither very functional nor very enjoyable. If you make it larger, you improve the entire impression of the suite even if you make no serious changes to the main room. You may be surprised how much space or improvement in the flow you can get from even a modest bathroom addition such as a bump out.

How Can You Elevate Your Master Suite’s Bedroom?

Certainly, the easiest way to make a room feel like a luxury suite is to add space to the master bedroom. Most homeowners with a small master bedroom have two choices: take away from surrounding rooms or expand outward with an addition. While the first option is more budget-friendly, it could reduce the functionality of the house. And an addition gives you the room you need without sacrificing other features.

Can’t expand the bedroom where it is? Why not consider a change of location? Owners of a small lot who can’t spread out may be able to expand upward with a second floor. Or you might finish a basement and utilize its entire footprint as the suite. Already have a master bedroom sandwiched on the second floor along with other bedrooms? Switch it up by moving it to the main floor and using underutilized formal rooms.

Where Should You Start?

Homeowners who want to turn an ordinary master bedroom or bath into something special should begin by consulting with an experienced home renovation company. You might find it hard to see beyond the current limitations of your space or the footprint of existing rooms without a trained eye. An independent observer can help with this, looking beyond what’s there to see what could be there instead.

DESIGNfirst Builders is eager to assist you. We specialize in helping owners visualize all the solutions available to them and finding the right one for their unique needs. Call today to make an appointment and discuss your particular concerns about this valuable private space. Together, we’ll design a beautiful new master suite that you’ll love to come home to every single day.

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