Enlarging Your Kitchen? 5 Times to Consider a Bump-Out Addition

Does your small kitchen need a makeover that makes it larger and more functional? While many homeowners plan an addition to expand their kitchen, not every kitchen needs a full addition. Sometimes, a bump-out addition may be a better choice. When might this limited addition benefit your home? Discover a few scenarios where the bump-out is ideal for them.

1. If You Want to Maximize a Galley Kitchen

One kitchen layout that can benefit greatly from a bump-out addition is the galley kitchen. This style is one long corridor with counters and cabinets on both sides. Galley kitchens often feel cramped and make traffic flow difficult.

Bump-out additions expand one side of the galley, which may be enough to turn this awkward layout into a more functional layout. For instance, it could facilitate changing the galley to an L-shape kitchen or to add a peninsula or island.

2. When Your Lot Is Limited

Are you limited in terms of exterior lot space? Homeowners who already have a small yard may not want to eat up more of it than is necessary by expanding too much. In this case, a bump-out is a good compromise. The expansion takes up minimal lot space and does not require that the yard be dug up or altered to accommodate it. But you also boost the floor space in the kitchen.

3. If You’re on a Budget

Not every homeowner, of course, has a big budget for major renovations. And kitchen remodeling can add up quickly. The bump-out addition is a popular choice for those who need more space but want to keep it as cost-effective as possible.

Unlike standard additions, the bump-out makes use of existing floor joists to expand without the extra cost of adding new foundation work and sometimes without new roofing. The preparatory work is less extensive, and the remodel can be faster than traditional additions. All this adds up to renovation savings that could put a new kitchen within your grasp.

4. When You Can Expand Internally

Sometimes, your remodel plans just need a little bit of extra space to work with. A homeowner who wants to enlarge their kitchen might be able to expand into a little-used adjacent dining room, for example. But if this still does not produce the desired space or layout, a bump-out could give the project the boost it needs.

Because bump-outs are cost-effective, they can more easily combine with internal changes as well. Rather than spend your remodel budget on a full expansion, this lower-cost change can be factored in to allow for costs like moving internal walls.

5. If You Want to Expand Other Rooms

Finally, consider whether other rooms in your home could use the extra space. Because they are simpler, faster, and less expensive, bump-outs can be more expansive than simply adding on to one single spot.

Many homeowners look at nearby rooms along one exterior wall when planning their bump-out. Instead of just enlarging the kitchen, you might be able to give more space to your dining room, living room, bathroom, family room, or home office. You might even consider the benefits of adding similar space above the kitchen’s bump-out area.

Want to know more about using a bump-out addition for your kitchen renovation? Start by meeting with the kitchen remodeling pros at DESIGNfirst Builders today. We will work with you to determine which type of addition or kitchen renovation would best suit your needs, your budget, and your layout. Whether it is a bump-out or a traditional room add-on, the result will be a better and more comfortable kitchen.

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