Make Your DREAM Home A Reality

We are a full service design & build firm, bringing together all elements of your residential project, integrating our design expertise with constructability, cost management, functionality upgrades (smart home) and project management services that save you the hassle of having to manage the differences between architecture design and construction.

At Design First, we have optimized our home remodeling process called “D.R.E.A.M”: 

Stage 1: Design 

Stage 2: ARchitecture & SElections 

Stage 3: QuAlity Production

Stage 4: Maintenance / Warranty 

Stage One: Design

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In-Home Consultation

  • Every home remodeling project begins with a simple, casual, and free in-home consultation. 
  • This is your first chance to ask questions, pick our brain, and develop a more thorough understanding of your design/build options. 
  • It’s an opportunity to learn about similar projects we’ve completed or are currently developing, and everything else you may want to know about feasibility, cost ranges and construction timelines.
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Design/Build Proposal

  • Preliminary design, complete with a detailed floor plan and 3D concepts 
  • Cost estimates broken down and categorized, item-by-item
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Design Revisions

  • A collaborative process— the opportunity to explore options.  

Stage Two: ARchitecture & SElections

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Project Review

  • Project confirmation – confirming drawings & signing contract. 
  • Project kicks off at Design First with dedicated architect and development teams 
  • Project re-verification – our various remodeling departments scrub through the specifications and drawings together for construction accuracy.
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  • Making selections— cabinets, countertops, flooring, windows, doors, lighting or more.  
  • Working together – meet with our interior designers and finalize your material choices.
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Material Purchasing

  • A dedicated team of purchasing specialists – responsible for finding you the best price
  • Works closely with our architects and developers to limit delay
  • Understands scope, orders and delivers project materials and client selections.

Stage Three: QuAlity Production

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  • Confirm material availability. 
  • Work with the homeowner to finalize the working schedule. 
  • Kick off project portal offering homeowner real time updates.
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Project Construction

  • Project manager fully engaged – construction begins! 
  • Project manager provides real time updates through customer portal 
  • Project manager provides weekly updates and heads ups 
  • Customer service checks in periodically on status 
  • Management team standing by for support as needed 
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Project Completion

  • Congratulations! 
  • Project completion cleaning

Stage Four: Maintenance/Warranty

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Maintance & Warranty

  • Industry leading warranty program 
  • Continued access to dedicated customer portal to report warranty issues 
  • In-house technicians available to assist