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Glen Ellyn, Illinois

About our client: This family of four in Elmhurst was looking for an inviting space that their family could entertain in as well as enjoy together.. They have busy lifestyles with a mix of work from home schedules, school events and out of town family visiting often.


This family wanted a more modern and functional kitchen that could accommodate their busy lifestyle. They wanted to increase the storage space, create more counter space, incorporate an eat in space within the island and include space for a beverage center.


The home has 9’ ceilings and we wanted to incorporate an “open” feel that brought your eye up to the ceiling. The layout wasn’t functional, and appliances needed to be rearranged for the best flow.

Solution with results that paid off

After consulting with the clients and assessing their needs, our design team came up with a plan to remodel the kitchen.

To create a better function, the team worked on a new appliance layout based on the clients love for cooking and entertaining together. We suggested ample storage for pots and pans and must-haves in the island as well as proposing an extended table feel that would eliminate the need for a piece of furniture in the kitchen.

To create more storage space we included full height pantries at fridge which allowed for custom organization against the fridge wall. To ensure this kitchen was ready for entertaining we incorporated a beverage fridge with an additional bar sink. The frosted glass cabinets allow for entertaining dishes and glasses to be easily accessible as well as additional storage for everyday kitchen items.

 To make use of the 9’ ceilings, the design team suggested stacked cabinets with an extended crown that allowed the cabinets to be raised to the ceiling as well as offered additional storage. To maintain an updated look and modernize the kitchen we kept the door heights the same throughout entire kitchen and included open shelves for both function and definition.

This finished kitchen project will serve this family of four for years to come. The clients were thrilled with the outcome and so are we.





Location: Glen Ellyn, IL – Wisniewski


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