Remodeling Your Home? 5 Problems Best Solved By an Addition

Does your home need a renovation? Many homeowners focus on ways to remodel the existing layout, but an addition could give you much more ‘bang for your buck’ in your renovation budget. How could a home addition add value and luxury to your home? Here are a few of the best choices to solve your particular space needs.

1. Add a Second Floor to Maximize Space

If you’ve outgrown your home in general, have you considered renovating vertically rather than horizontally? A second floor provides significant additional floor space — up to the size of your base floor. And unlike a remodel that adds to the main floor, a second-floor addition doesn’t use up all your available yard space in the process. It can be a complex process, but you may feel like you have an entirely new home.

2. Build an Additional Dwelling Unit

An addition could allow another person (or persons) to live on your property. This is often used to build an in-law suite or apartment. This suite could be fully self-contained — with a small kitchen as well as a bathroom, living area, and bedroom — or it could simply contain a large bedroom and sitting area with a separate bathroom.

In-law suites are perfect for anyone with aging family members or adult children whom they want to extend an invitation to live. If you add a self-contained unit, though, you also have the option of renting it out for additional income.

3. Increase Bathrooms to Boost Value

Many smaller or older homes have too few bathrooms to appeal to modern homeowners and buyers. Failure to have enough bathrooms will depress your sale price even if the rest of the home is exceptional. Unfortunately, finding space for more bathrooms usually means stealing the space from other areas — resulting in either very small bathrooms or smaller bedrooms and public areas.

If you can expand outward to add needed bathrooms, you solve both of these problems and create fully functional baths. And you can do it on a budget, such as by using bump out additions that don’t require additional foundation work or extending space on a second floor.

4. Make Your Kitchen Functional Again

The kitchen is one of the biggest draws for buyers and families alike. Is your kitchen not as functional as you’d like? Has your cooking or entertaining style changed over the years? An old kitchen may need more than just a reshuffle of its contents and layout. After all, there’s only so much you can do in a cramped room.

Fortunately for many homeowners, the kitchen is often a good candidate for expansion outward due to being located on at least one exterior wall.

5. Use Your Outdoor Space Better

Your addition doesn’t have to be just about adding interior space. A sunroom, California room, or enclosed patio could be the perfect way to increase the square footage of your house and marry it with the outdoors. It makes formerly outdoor areas more functional all year round.

Sunrooms or three-season rooms can be anything your particular family needs — such as a dining room, additional kitchen space, or a family room — or they might just expand the size of existing rooms. They also add natural lighting to a home and may increase the home’s financial value by enlarging it.

Where to Start

Could your property benefit by resolving any of these challenges with an addition? If so, start by consulting with an experienced home remodeling service in your area. DESIGNfirst Builders can help. Call today to make an appointment with our team of renovation experts.

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