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Creative Ideas to Transform Your Basement into the Hottest Room in the House

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Remodeling ProjectsYour basement has a ton of potential, even if you can’t yet see past all the clutter. In fact, the basement is often the most neglected room in the house. As a homeowner, you should see your basement as a blank canvas waiting for the right idea, and then transform your basement into the hottest room in the house!

The opportunities for renovations are endless. Many of our clients choose to include a big wet bar, a game area with a pool table, foosball, or dart board, and an extra bathroom. Here are a few additional ways you can make innovative upgrades to your basement.

Guest Suite

One of the most popular basement remodels is the guest suite – and for good reason. The average basement has more than enough space for a roomy and comfortable guest quarters. Depending on your budget, this space can also include a bathroom and kitchen. If you often have family or friends staying with you, a guest suite could be the perfect way to welcome them.

Office and Play Room

If you’re a work-from-home parent, the basement could be the ideal solution for working while watching the kids. Make part of the basement your home office, complete with a sound-proof glass door or window. Meanwhile, make the rest of the space a fun playroom for the kids, with plenty of activities to keep them occupied. You can work in a dedicated (and hopefully peaceful) environment while still keeping an eye on the kiddos right outside your door.

Home Theater

Take advantage of a lack of windows in your basement by creating a comfy home theater. By installing movie-theater style seats, a large projection screen, lush red carpet, a sound system, and a popcorn machine, you will have an incredible entertainment space for guests and family. Use the rest of the basement for further entertainment, installing gaming systems or a ping-pong table, or simply go all-in with a complete game room and hangout area.

One renovation is all it takes to breathe new life into your home. Make your basement your favorite room in the house with one of these great ideas.

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Most Common Home Renovating Mistakes to Avoid

A recent home renovating projectIf homeowners are planning a home renovating project anytime in the near future, they should be aware of what to avoid to prevent big issues or unsatisfactory results. Some of these mistakes are not having a clear goal and plan in mind, underestimating the budget, and not doing enough research.

Not Having a Goal or Plan

This could be one of the biggest mistakes because it leaves room for so much to go wrong. Without a plan, homeowners might go over budget, forget about certain parts of the renovation, miscalculate the timeline, and incorrectly measure items.

Instead, homeowners should create a budget with wiggle room for unexpected costs and check to see the renovation doesn’t overlap with other important dates. Researching the materials and accurately measuring everything will save time and money in the long run.

Not Doing Enough Research

There are several factors to think about and research before starting a remodeling project. Homeowners should understand their house and work with it, not against it. They should find out the prices of the item they want to use and make sure it’ll work in the house. This, along with measuring the home, will prevent the need to buy different materials later on.

Homeowners should also seriously research contractors. Just because a contractor offers the best price doesn’t mean they have the experience to carry out the project. Look up contractors and make sure they’ve done good work in the past. Homeowners can also ask around for recommendations from friends, family, and neighbors.

Not Having a Budget in Place

If homeowners don’t have a budget or underestimate costs, they could be in for some future problems. Even when there’s a set budget, unexpected costs and delays can pop up. But by overestimating the budget, it allows homeowners to cover those expenses should they happen. If there is no budget, homeowners may spend too much money and either splurge on unnecessary items or skimp on items they do need.

If homeowners can avoid these three mistakes, renovating a home should be easier to navigate and the results will turn out well.

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