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Is Your Heating System Operating Optimally?

Heating systemHeaters are complex pieces of machinery that take some time to understand. With so many working parts, a heating system tends to accumulate minor faults and issues overtime. These tiny problems can add up and lead to a loss of efficiency.

As heaters can consume a significant chunk of a home’s total energy budget, it is important to ensure these small faults don’t cause larger problems. A heating system operating at even 90% efficiency can end up costing you hundreds of dollars extra in energy expenses. This guide will help you ensure that your heater is operating optimally and not costing any more money than needed.

Clean Machines are Happy Machines

Air is full of dirt, dust, debris and other unwanted particles. These particles tend to accumulate on objects throughout the home. Dust and dirt can even find its way inside the crevices of machines and cause some significant problems. A heating system is no exception to this rule, and need to be routinely cleaned in order to ensure that these contaminants don’t cause any operational problems. This should be a regular part of your home cleaning routine. The filter is one of the places in a heater where dust and dirt accumulate the quickest. This makes it harder for the heater to circulate air. You should replace these filters according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Some filters are reusable and should be washed instead of replaced. This aspect of home cleaning should be performed once every few months.

Once per year, you should turn off your heater and clean it thoroughly from the inside out. It’s important to use low-powered vacuums and other tools that will not damage the heaters. Pressure washers should be avoided completely, as their sprays are far too powerful. A small, handheld vacuum is a great way to clean the inside of a heater.

Choose the Right Settings

A heater performs at the level that you set on the control panel. A higher temperature will require more energy than lower temperatures, so you need to ensure that your heater is not being overworked. This can lead to damage and replacement costs.

Fortunately, there are some other tools that can be used to help a heating system perform its proper functions. Sensors and an entire smart software program can be added to a heater to ensure it is only running when people are home. This ensures that extra energy is not wasted. Air purifiers can also be used throughout a home to help a heater with its job. These purifiers can also help any individual who suffers from an allergy. Cleaner air is less likely to carry bacteria that would cause an allergy to become problematic.

Improve Your House’s Energy Efficiency

Heaters help to improve indoor air quality overall. In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you should schedule a free energy audit of your home. Local utility providers typically provide this service for free. Professionals can help identify areas where you can make your heater more efficient. This will help save money in the long run and will also improve indoor air quality. It is also important to ensure the entire home is sealed properly so that outside air and indoor air don’t intermingle. Installing double-glazed windows can help achieve this goal. Single-paned windows are more likely to let air flow.

Ask the Professionals

All of these tips can help you keep your heating system running efficiently for a long time. However, there will be problems that have to be fixed by professionals. They will be able to find problems in heaters that most people would miss. There is simply no replacement for the advice and work that a professional can perform.

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