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How to Choose the Perfect Cabinets During Your Kitchen Remodel

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Replacing your outdated cabinets can completely upgrade the look and functionality of your eating space, and allow for a inexpensive kitchen remodel. For a relatively easy renovation, new cabinets can pack a lot of punch.

It’s important, however, to pick the right style, color, and materials to suit your home’s design and remodeling needs. Here are a few tips for choosing the ideal cabinets for your space:

Identify Your Goals

First, identify what you don’t like about your current kitchen cabinets. Is it the color, the style, or is it that they simply aren’t working like they used to? Identifying why you want to replace your cabinets can inform your purchasing decision for the new set.

Are you choosing new kitchen cabinets because you want to enjoy a new set for the next 20 years, or because you’re selling the house and feel like the kitchen could use a boost? If it’s the latter, cost may play a bigger factor in your decision. Otherwise, it may be worth spending the extra money on cabinets that you truly love. Set your goals in terms of budget.

Choose a Style

Next, select your style. Look at the rest of your kitchen and figure out which style, patterns, and colors would match your vision. This will mean choosing between framed and frame-less cabinets, as well as selecting your door styles, colors, and materials. You may want to work with a professional design team if you struggle with re-imagining spaces during your kitchen remodel.

Choose Your Amenities

Further, new cabinets offer the opportunity for a wide range of additional customizations, such as drawer sizes, storage, or rotating shelves. Many people take this time to find new and creative solutions to hide away other kitchen areas, such as trash bins and recycling, or maximize their pantry space with Lazy Susan corner cabinets. Aside from choosing the right wood grain and finishes, go ahead and take the time to think about whether, for example, your cabinets will have a “soft close” feature or not.

Use a Lookbook

One of the best ways to find a style you love is to browse through a designer’s lookbook or portfolio of past projects. Many homeowners have to see a style to envision it in their kitchens. You may find cabinets you love that you never would have imagined on your own. Finally, enjoy your brand-new kitchen cabinets knowing that they’re the perfect fit.

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