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The 4 Most Common Renovation Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Home renovation can be a daunting project and it’s easy to make mistakes. If you want to have a smooth, stress-free home remodeling process, then it’s important to be aware of some of the common mistakes that homeowners make when handling the home remodel process so you can avoid them.

Unrealistic Budget

renovation mistakesMost homeowners don’t have a clear idea of what a remodel will cost. No matter what room you want to remodel or how extensive the remodel you’re planning is, always assume that the project will consume more time than you’d think and likely cost more than you originally planned. A good rule of thumb when planning a budget is to always increase it by 20%.

Choosing the Wrong Contractor

renovation mistakesDon’t just assume that the first contractor you see is the right choice for the job. Make sure you shop around for at least three contractors and interview them. Ask for references, investigate their background with the Better Business Bureau, and ensure their licensing and insurance is up to date. Most importantly, make sure your contractor communicates well with you and lays out a detailed plan and estimate before signing on to the project.

Changing Your Mind

Once you have a specific plan for a remodel, make sure it goes into action. If you must make changes, point them out during the design phase of the project. Too many changes can delay the process and create costs and inconveniences for the crew. Even a seemingly minor change can delay and increase project costs significantly.

Not Preparing for Problems

renovation mistakesAs the remodeling process continues, there may be some unexpected errors or problems that don’t manifest until the crew uncovers them. Experienced contractors usually have an idea of how to deal with said problems, but it’ll require additional expenses. Stay prepared for anything that may go wrong and keep at least 10% saved for emergencies.

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3 Top Home Renovations for This Winter

Most people think of summer as the remodeling season, but winter offers a lot of advantages. Though it can be tough to do some renovation jobs in winter, for those you can do there are some distinct advantages.

Why You Should Remodel for the Winter

Even though winter isn’t a time you usually consider for remodeling, it does offer some valuable advantages over other seasonal remodels.

  • Off-season discounts and lower prices
  • Greater contractor availability due to lack of demand
  • Faster permit approvals because of low activity
  • Less inconveniences from work or school

Winter is the perfect time for certain renovations and remodels for your home.

Indoor Painting

Though you may not be able to repaint the outside of your house, you can always give your home’s interior walls a fresh coat of paint. With most people away from home, it’s the perfect time for indoor repainting. Plus, you can add some vibrant color to mitigate the winter blues. Just remember to keep your window open to keep the area well ventilated.

Replacing the Floor

Another renovation project that you can prioritize during the winter is replacing your floor. Do you seek the warmth of carpet? Do you prefer the convenience and flexibility of a hardwood floor? Use this low activity time to replace the floor at your convenience.

Bathroom and Kitchen

If your home will not receive as many visitors during this time, you can also tackle some of the bigger, more ambitious projects, such as bathroom and kitchen remodels. You will appreciate the work done on them when you’re indoors most of the time. If you do anticipate visitors or a scheduled event for the winter, make sure to schedule your professional remodeling crew long before the event.


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