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Considering a Second Kitchen Sink? 5 Important Planning Tips

As you plan your new kitchen, one modern trend you may want to think about is a second sink. While this may seem like a feature only in luxury kitchens, it actually serves many practical purposes even in more modest kitchens. But before you add a second sink to your design, be sure to give…
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5 Assumptions to Reconsider About Your Pantry

The pantry is an essential part of any kitchen. But an effective pantry for modern homeowners is more than just a closet with shelves. To design the perfect pantry for your lifestyle and house, you may need to rethink some common assumptions about pantry design. What are some of these ideas that deserve more consideration?…
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Enlarging Your Kitchen? 5 Times to Consider a Bump-Out Addition

Does your small kitchen need a makeover that makes it larger and more functional? While many homeowners plan an addition to expand their kitchen, not every kitchen needs a full addition. Sometimes, a bump-out addition may be a better choice. When might this limited addition benefit your home? Discover a few scenarios where the bump-out…
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5 Modern Ways to Use a Butler’s Pantry in Your Home

Should you add a butler’s pantry to your kitchen remodel? You may wonder why you’d need a butler’s pantry when you don’t have a butler, but these classic spaces can be problem-solvers for modern homeowners. How could you use a butler’s pantry in your home? Here are five ideas.
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Creating a Home Office? Consider These 3 Factors

The COVID-19 pandemic has compelled an increasing number of individuals to work from home. If you count yourself among them, the stress of trying to work productively in the middle of a bustling household may have tempted you to add a new space to your home, one dedicated solely to office work. Whether you aim…
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Countertop Design Trends for Your Kitchen Remodel Project

Stunning designs and trends can transform your kitchen into a chic space and your home’s focal point. If you want to renovate your kitchen countertops, you’ll be glad to see all the available options in the market. Explore some of the winning countertop trends below.
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5 Questions to Answer About Your Home Office Addition

In an age of increasing remote working opportunities, many homeowners want to add a home office to their layout. This relatively simple addition can transform your work life and the balance with your home life. But before you dive into this project, discover a few important questions to answer.
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4 Home Additions That Every Homeowner Should Consider

If you love your current neighborhood but you feel like you need just a little more space, adding on to your home could be a great solution. With all of the options available to you, however, you may find it difficult to decide where that new space would be most useful. This guide will cover…
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Should You Build a Full or Partial Second Story?

Do you want to add a second story to your home? This can be one of the most fulfilling of all home additions, giving your existing house up to twice its square footage in one fell swoop. But you aren’t limited to one type of second-floor addition. Homeowners can choose either a full second story…
6 kitchen changes that bring cooks and their guests together

6 Kitchen Changes That Bring Cooks and Their Guests Together

Do you like to entertain large groups at home? Then you know that your kitchen is a central part of the action for everyone. Whether it’s a base for multiple people to prepare large meals or an unofficial gathering point for guests and hosts alike, a well-planned kitchen can bring everyone together for more fun….
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Signs You Need a Kitchen Remodel

You likely spend considerable time in your kitchen cooking, entertaining, or hanging out. As such, your kitchen should be warm, inviting, and functional to accommodate all these roles. If it is not, remodeling is an excellent option to make your kitchen modern and stylish while increasing its appeal and functionality. Learn seven signs you need…
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Open Vs. Closed Kitchen Designs

As you plan your kitchen remodel, one of the most impactful decisions that you should make is whether to pursue an open kitchen floor plan or a closed plan. What do these terms mean in real life? And what are the benefits and drawbacks of each? Discover some answers to your questions.