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3 Trends to Consider When Adding a Home Addition

You may want to avoid spending money on fads (short-lived trends that won’t pay off long-term) during a remodel, but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid trends completely. Some trendy upgrades may be useful for your family’s lifestyle, may save you money over the years, or may even improve your home’s value long-term if…
4 tips for small kitchen design

4 Tips for Small Kitchen Design

If your home is equipped with a small kitchen, it may be difficult for multiple people to perform tasks in it without bumping into each other, and you may feel claustrophobic when spending long periods of time in it. While some homeowners with small kitchens choose to expand their kitchen space to eliminate these problems,…

Should You Blend Your Addition Into the Existing Home?

Do you want to build a home addition that will add space and functionality to your house? If so, one element that all homeowners should give thought to is how to make the addition harmonious with the rest of the existing house. Why is this important? And how can you do it? Here’s what you…
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5 Trendy Ideas to Transform Your Kitchen

The stay-at-home orders to curtail the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic changed the lifestyles of many people. One study has found out that more people took up cooking to fill the extra time they had in the house. With more time spent in the kitchen, you may have found that you need to spruce up this space…
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Elevate Your Master Bedroom by Designing a True Master Suite

A reimagined master bedroom suite is one of the most popular home remodels for modern owners. Whether or not your master bedroom already has an attached bathroom, it may not feel like a true master suite. How can you change that? Learn what you need to know.
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Remodeling Your Home? 5 Problems Best Solved By an Addition

Does your home need a renovation? Many homeowners focus on ways to remodel the existing layout, but an addition could give you much more ‘bang for your buck’ in your renovation budget. How could a home addition add value and luxury to your home? Here are a few of the best choices to solve your…
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Smart Home Remodeling Can Improve Accessibility for Seniors

If your home wasn’t originally designed with senior accessibility in mind, a remodel can be the perfect opportunity to add accessibility features like hand rails and wheelchair ramps. Smart home features can also add accessibility, so whether you have an older relative moving in or are just preparing to age in place, consider adding smart…
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4 Room Remodel Upgrades for Children Transitioning Into Teens

As a child ages into their teenage years, they will go through many changes. The room they currently have may not be best suited for their growth, maturity, and lifestyle changes. Along with a fresh coat of paint and some new furniture, you can completely transform a child’s room with a remodel.
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3 Features of a Functional, Modern Kitchen

Home design websites are full of images of beautiful, modern kitchens. Bright rooms full of natural light, pristine work surfaces, and beautiful cabinets are alluring to many homeowners. But many homeowners may wonder if remodeling is worthwhile.
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4 Unique Built-In Remodels to Keep Homes Organized

Built-in cabinets and shelves help save a lot of space in your home while offering ample opportunities to organize items. As you consider remodels for your home, contractors can find ways to make the most out of your space, including built-in cabinet options for nearly every room of the home.
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4 Remodel Options Ideal for Game Rooms

Gaming has changed dramatically in the last decade as gamers seek out old classics, next-generation consoles, and interactive gaming options. If you want a dedicated gaming space in your home, consider a room remodel for your home.
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4 Basement Family Room Upgrades

If you finish your basement, you can add up to double the amount of space you had to begin with. You might already have a finished basement, but perhaps it doesn’t fit your current needs. Either way, a basement is a good space for a family room. You can relax in a cozy space that…