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Are You Ready To Turn Your Home Into a Smart Home?

Technology is changing every part of our lives – the way we enjoy our time at home, even the way we stay safe. Because of this, smart homes are becoming more popular every year. They help cut electrical bills, turning homes green and conserving precious resources. Let’s look at some of the smart technology available for your next home renovation project.

Smart Rooms

Smart rooms mean convenience at the touch of a button. You can control lighting, sound, and temperature with an app on your phone. Forgot to turn down the thermostat, but you’re already at work? No problem. Access smart thermostats and lighting from your phone, fixing the problem with one click. Some smart thermostats and fixtures can sense when no one is home, fixing the problem altogether. On the reverse side, you can turn the heat up or flip on the air conditioner right before you arrive home, creating the perfect environment.

smart homeSmart Appliances

Smart appliances range from refrigerators that recite your shopping list to coffee makers that predict when you need your morning jolt. You can do everything from checking on dinner in your oven to making sure you have enough ice for your party from the store. The world of smart appliances is just starting, with tons of new advancements on the way.

Smart Fixtures and Accessories

Smart fixtures will likely change our lives in the near future. Smart options include faucets, toilets, and mirrors. Your mirror may tell you the weather forecast or show you a YouTube tutorial on how to tie your tie. Toilet seats can be warmed before use, and leaky faucets can alert you to the issue.

smart homeIncreased Safety

Security systems, fire alarms, even live doorbells can all report right to your mobile devices. You can be at home on the couch or miles away and still know everything that is happening. It’s a great way to keep loved ones safe at home, protect your property, and ensure your pets are in a comfortable environment.

Accessibility Options

If you have a family member living on their own, a smart home can help with some daily tasks. When certain things are automated or controlled via smart technology, you can rest easier. Keep an eye on things like the oven, the temperature in the house, the fire alarms, and even their shopping list. You can also set up voice commands for your loved one, making it a piece of cake to order groceries or call for help.


If you are ready to upgrade your home to smart technology, contact us today. We’d be happy to help you set up a remodeling project for you or a family member. Keep everyone in your family safe this season with the home upgrades they need.

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